Monday, April 2, 2018

30 March 2018

I lost my big brother today and Lass lost her best friend.....


We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge....  wait for us along with Razzle and the others.

We love you--

Tess and Lass

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

15 August 2017

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Mommy marched Daddy and all of us into the truck today and told us we were going to the  Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge because she was tired of listening to the news and wanted to find someplace peaceful.   She would not allow any of us to take our cell phones and I was really upset because I have just learned how to Tweet!  

Lass said, I've been here before and it has lots of good smells!  Yeah, whatever...  

The Refuge is only about 25 miles from home so we would have been there in no time!  Then we hit the dirt road.  Daddy says it was a wash-boardy road with boulders in the roadway.  Daddy hates dirt roads.  Daddy grumbled all the way.  Come on Daddy, it was only 5 miles...  Lass and I enjoyed the drive; Duncan slept.

We finally arrived at the visitors center where Mommy bought a tee shirt.  She didn't buy anything for us.   From the visitors center we walked the boardwalk.  It was 0.9 miles so it was fun!  
The boardwalk

Looking from the boardwalk across to the mountains surrounding the Refuge

Looking back to the Visitors Center

There was lots of vegetation as there has been plenty of rain this year.  

The soil is very salty from the minerals leaching to the surface.  We saw a Jack Rabbit but he was so fast I couldn't get his picture.  I really would have rather chased him but Mommy wouldn't let me.  Mommy is mean!

One of many water holes in the Refuge.  This one had tiny fish, minnows, that would have been fun to chase but Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me jump in the water.  They always spoil my fun!

Lush vegetation around one of the many streams.

Spring-loving Centaury [Zeltnera namoplila]

This beautiful pink flower was all around the Visitors Center boardwalk.  They said it was abundant this year due to the good amount of rain.  This flower has made a wonderful come-back since the Refuge opened.  It blooms from July through September.  

More Spring-loving Centaury along with Mojave Thistle [Cirsium mohavense].  The Thistle was about out of bloom but still pretty.  Mommy likes flowers.  They are lost on me unless I can eat them.  Duncan just wants to pee on them.  He has no class....  

Another stream with swamp grass on the sides and in the stream.

Controversy abounds!  In 1980, some people wanted to develop this area with 30,000 houses, strip malls, hotels and an airport.  Lass, Duncan and I want this Refuge kept as is!  We love walking the boardwalks and exploring!   We want to keep the pupfish!  They are cute!

Mommy said the population of the pupfish is growing.  At the last count in April, there were 111 pupfish!  Yeah!!!  Pupfish!  

These leaves are from the Yerba Mansa plant [Anemopsis californica].  They bloom in spring so we missed it but Mommy loved the colorful leaves.  In spring, the plant has large white blossoms.  [May through June]

From the boardwalk at the Visitors Center, we drove to Point of Rocks [Daddy loved that road too].   Because there has been so much rain, the Big Horn Sheep graze there every morning.  We were too late to see them but it was a pretty walk on the boardwalk anyway.  

Another watering hole.  This one is along the boardwalk at Point of Rocks.

The lush grass along Point of Rocks boardwalk.  

This wonderful oasis in the middle of the desert is a wonderful retreat from the city and problems.  How wonderful to come out here to relax, enjoy nature, and reflect on the good in life.  

Duncan, Lass and I want to come back early in the morning.  Maybe then we can see some sheep!  Lass and I would love that.  Duncan can sleep....  

Next time, Daddy says he is renting a Jeep and putting it on Mommy's credit card.  Daddy is such a wuss....  

Till next time--


Friday, June 2, 2017

Spring 2017

Thursday, 13 April 2017

I've been looking out my window again.  We took another road trip to Michigan and arrived this afternoon and settled into our campsite.  Duncan and Lass and I recognized it right away!  We have been here before!  I remember the squirrels, the pine trees and all the animal smells.  It is good to be back! 

Our trip was uneventful as soon as the wind decided to go away.  Sometimes the wind gusts were 50 miles per hour. The first two days were awful!  Lass threw up.  What a wuss.  She is a Border Collie after all.  She does not like the wind and the bumpy roads.  Duncan slept through it.  I loved it.  Ride ‘em cowgirl.

Tomorrow Mom and Dad pick up the rental car.  I think that means we get to stay here!  That’s ok….  We like the smells here!  And the trees are all the right height.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Cloudy and cool.  Looks like rain though none is predicted for today.  We will see.  Smells like it to me. You know how sensitive my nose is.

Beautiful day!  Not a drop of rain in sight. So much for my nose!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

I was right!  It rained overnight. My nose was right after all. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Mommy and Daddy came home tonight and found Duncan standing on the dashboard in the window.  “How much is that doggie in the window…”  He was trying to hide behind the curtain but they saw him. I told him he would get in trouble, as I urged him on!   He had been watching the people next door move in.  He is so nosy!!  I was being good and not making any noise or doing bad things like sitting on the table or walking on the dashboard.   And Lass was just as bad…  she let him do it!!!  Worse yet, Mommy and Daddy didn’t punish Duncan!  They just lifted him down and took him out!  How come he is so "special."

So much for being good! 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Today I met two new friends!  Their names are Winchester and Remington.  After all, they are hunting dogs.  They are big labs, one yellow and one black, and they thought I was wonderful!  Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t let me play.  They said I might get in the family way and I don’t want that.  What’s that?  Is this that "birds and bees" stuff?  Winnie and Remi really liked me. 

Today, Remi's and  Winnie's mommy and daddy were entered in a chili cookoff.  They competed with other people and didn’t get any prizes but I bet they had the best chili!  They were very nice and they liked me the best!   Duncan barked at Winchester.  Lass woow-woowed them and they thought she was ok, I guess.  They were from Indiana. 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Today Mommy and Daddy came home and Duncan was on the dash again.  This time Mommy got pictures.  Now I have proof!  I'm sending it to the FBI.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Today is my birthday!!  I am one year old and all grown up!  O-oh, now I have to behave...  maybe it is not such a good thing I have broadcast this...  


Monday, 01 May 2017

It has been raining and cold most every day and because of that we have not been able to get out to play.  This past weekend many people and dogs were here at the campground.  They had a fly-ball tournament.  I didn't know dogs could fly.  I thought that was limited to pigs. They were loud!  Lass, Duncan and I were not invited.   We met some new people and dogs but Mommy and Daddy still won’t let me play!  Not fair!!   

Saturday, 06 May 2017  

Today the sun is out and we are leaving Michigan.  Why Daddy?  The sun is finally out and we can play outdoors!  Not fair!  We are heading to Ohio to visit Grammy’s sister.   Daddy has promised that the park we will stay in has a dog park so we can play!  Ok…  I will go…  You promised…

We traveled south to Ohio.  The area has received a very large amount of rain and flooding is everywhere.  I wanted to go out and play in the water but mommy said, no.  She said the rivers were over their banks and running so fast I would be swept away.  There were many fields covered with water.   Mommy said this will set the farmers back a month or more.  Does that mean the sheep will be swept away too if they try to play in the water?  

We arrived at the RV park in the rain.  Thunder too.  Duncan and Lass were scared.   Not me!! I'm tough.  Soon it cleared and the sun came out.  I hope that means tomorrow will be better so we can go play in the dog park.  Mommy and Daddy promised…. 

Sunday, 07 May 2017

We played and played and played in the dog run.  I found a tennis ball but Mommy wouldn’t let me play with it.  I had to play with my ball, Duncan had his ball and Lass had her ball.  We had such fun….  Then some other dogs came to play but they DID NOT want to play with us!  Their Mommy said that they do not play well with others….  I agree!  They barked at us!  And Duncan barked right back!  So, we left and came back to the coach.  What a nice day!  

12 - 16 May 2017  

North Platte, NE

Lass and Duncan and I do not like North Platte as well as some places.  There is no dog park and our "area" is right next to the road.  We are never allowed off leash.  I want to run!  

We visited Buffalo Bill's, William F Cody's, homestead called Scout's Rest.  It is now on the National Register and open to the public.  The house has memorabilia from his Wild West Shows and his time as a scout.  At the peak of the barn is Annie Oakley's signature:  a replica of a Queen of Heart's card with a bullet hole in the middle.  The visible rafters on the outside of the barn are fashioned as gun stocks.  Scout's Rest was built in 1886 and cost $5,900.  The grounds and buildings are a treasure and we hope they will be forever cared for and open to the public.  

More new friends from North Platte. They didn't seem very interesting in playing with a dog my size. Too bad, we would have had fun.

North Platte is the hub for the Union Pacific Railroad.  The top two pictures are of the engines in the museum...  the first being a steam engine, the 3977, and the second a diesel engine, the 6922.  The 3977 was built in 1943 to service both freight and passengers and had a maximum speed of 70mph.  It was retired in 1961 and is the only one of this class on display in the world. 

The third picture is of the rail yard, Bailey Yard, and the picture does not at all give the impression of the vastness of the yard.  It is huge!  It is the largest railroad classification yard in the world covering 2850 acres.  All east/west cars travel through this junction as well as North/South traffic.  This is where all of the switching and many repairs take place. Approximately 3000 cars are sorted daily.  Mommy loves trains so she was thrilled to see this yard.  She told me that when she was a youngster, like me, she rode the train almost every week for a couple of years. 

There is a tower, called Golden Spike Tower, where Mommy and Daddy went to overlook the whole yard.  Did you know that sometimes when they want to move a train they move it with a tractor?  Mommy thought that was fascinating!  She said they use tractors for everything!!  I want a tractor.. it sounds like fun, I think...

Daddy spent his summers in North Platte when he was little and we went to see his grandparent's camp where he spent many of his summer days...  and where he saw the bear!!  [You'll have to ask Daddy...]

Daddy said it hasn't changed that much.  The windows in front look out onto the water.  It is for sale.  

19 May 2017

We are at the most wonderful RV Park!  It is called:  USA RV Park and is in Gallup, NM.  Lass, Duncan and I LOVE it!  It has a dog run where we can play and be off leash!  We are having so much fun!   Mommy and Daddy are not throwing the ball enough though…  we could go on forever!!   Duncan barked at a pup who wanted to play with us.  We had to leave so she could come in.  Duncan just does not play well with others.   He thinks the park is his… 

Mommy and I met a lady who used to have border collies and aussies.  She loved me best and was always so glad to see me!  Everyday she would pat me...  but she made me behave and sit before she would.  She told me that I was wonderful and that she liked me the best!   Can I stay here?

Mommy and Daddy have rented a car so they can explore the area.  They are having fun too but we are having more fun!!  We can look out the windows and watch all the other dogs and people as they walk around the park.  Duncan stood on the dashboard again, but we talked him down before Mommy and Daddy came back.  It's a dog secret. We have been walking too.   So many new smells!!  I like New Mexico. 

20 May 2017

Shiprock, 7178 ft, is in the Four Corners region and is very sacred to the Navajo. 

From Shiprock, we traveled west through the Navajo Nation through Red Rock Valley, beautiful, and over the Chuska Mountains.  Spectacular views!   The road was curvy and narrow…  Mommy said she was glad we were in a car and not the coach.  At the higher elevations, there was still snow on the ground…  on May 20th!!  I wanted to get out and play but everyone said NO!   Fun-spoilers….

We saw many Hogans  along the way.  Now the dwelling is used more for ceremonial purposes, births, weddings, healing ceremonies, but long ago they were the home of the nomadic Navajo.  The word hooghan translates as “place home”.   The Hogan is generally multisided, six or eight sides, or it can be round.  The summer Hogan was generally made of juniper limbs, planks or canvas to allow for air circulation.  The winter Hogan is solid.  The door always faces East to welcome the rising sun.  Traditions are followed carefully when building a Hogan, living in them and participating in ceremonies.   For example, for ceremonies, women sit on the North side, men sit on the South and the chanter is on the West.  The Hogan is used for all ceremonies except dying.  If a death does occur, the Hogan is abandoned or burned.  [The HOGAN, The Traditional Navajo Home, copyright 1999 by Scott Thybony, Published by Western National Parks Association Tucson, AZ]

On the way to Canyon de Chelly, we saw some horses.  Mommy thought they were wild but they had shoes on so she said they were not.  Why can't I have shoes??  I like Nikes best!!

Canyon de Chelly is a National Monument established in 1931.  It is in north east Arizona outside of Chinle and is part of the Navajo Nation.  The monument is managed by both the Park Service and the Navajo Nation.   

Mommy said the last time she was here it was cold, windy and snowing.  But what a picture-perfect day today!  

Many years ago, Daddy spent two years working on the reservation.  His base was Gallop for the first year and he lived on the reservation for the second.   Can I do that too?  I could run and run and run....   Lass, you can come too...  we will gather all the sheep....  

And, yes, there is a truck driving through the river!   Native Americans live, farm and raise livestock in the canyon.  I didn't see any sheep....  Lass didn't either.... Duncan slept, as usual. 

There are walking and jeep tours that take tourists into the canyon.  It is beautiful, and as usual, pictures do not do it justice.  

Lass, Duncan and I want to come back to Gallop and we want to go back to the USA RV Park!  We had so much fun....

24 May 2017

We are back home now.  The grass in the back yard had grown so tall you could not see us standing in the grass.  We dogs played dog battleship.  It's so much fun.  Lass, Duncan and I are settling in but we are looking forward to our next adventure!!!